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We’re a family owned business located in Dunedin, New Zealand
and we believe in thinking differently about meat,
challenging the status quo and crafting exciting new products.

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MEat Innovation

At The Craft Meat Company we look to create ‘crafted’ protein-based meal solutions for today’s busy lifestyles.

Our focus is on using innovative thinking to develop unique flavours from around the world for meat or plant based proteins.

Drawing on flavoursome taste profiles The Craft Meat Company range of products are sure to delight.


Taste Infusion

We like to think of ourselves as infusion pioneers. Where we work tirelessly to enhance traditional proteins or develop new plant-based proteins packed full with flavour.

For us, taste is vital… it is in everything we do. Supported by an easy to use meal solution for you and your family.


our mission

Easy to use, crafted deliciousness

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